What to do When You are Stressed and Anxious

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It is a common fact that whenever you are anxious and stressed you basically loses focus and your senses get uncoordinated, you don’t know what to do and getting back to your balance and finding your calm place seem very hard to do.

And definitely even those competent people get stressed and anxious and when it happen their simple every day decisions turn out to be difficult same goes with everyday tasks grow to be overwhelming. When you are in this situation it is certainly hard to deal with and you are not sure where to turn in order for you to feel somehow better. It is common as well that stress and anxiety resulted to always feeling worried, experiencing palpations, dizzy and irritable, headaches and insomnia, these can be signs that you are anxious and stressed.

It is important as well that if you have been experiencing the signs of anxiety and stress for a long period of time and you seem find it hard to cope up. And you think getting a Life Coach Minneapolis would help then never doubt yourself for wanting it, if you feel it could be the only means to help you handle the situation, then go for it.

In addition to this, it is very recommended you start visiting your GP in order to get professional attention and medical diagnosis. Most common test you’ll undergo when you are feeling anxious and stress is to test your iron levels, Vitamin D levels, Cortisol levels, thyroid check, and DHEA levels.

Now if you think you are just starting to feel the signs then must focus on your fundamentals. It would help above all if you keep and take life simple as much as possible during the process of picking yourself up back to its normal pace. There are common and very simple fundamentals that will surely help you rebalance and reset. These are the food, sleep and you emotional and mental state.

Food. It is necessary that your food intake is healthy, you eat regularly and as much as possible avoid alcohol. Always go for nourishing foods, you can never go wrong in feeding yourself with nutritious food that will help you keep your energy in battling stress and anxiety. Also, if you think you need an additional support when it comes to your food or diet, you can always go to a dietician for help.

Sleep. Always get enough sleep, it will help your brain and your body to rest and relax. If you are having a hard time in getting enough sleep try to have a warm bath, you can utilize epsom salts, drops of lavender and soak for 15 minutes. Aside from this, you can as well search for any methods that will help you fall asleep quickly.

State. In order to maintain you emotional and mental state, it is important you know what you want and you must find a way to express yourself, could be in a form of writing as this will help you relieve whatever heavy emotions you have. Journal when you can you can write anything down like what’s on your mind and what you feel.

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