E- Collar Training: What you Need to Know

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Pets such as dogs are a wonderful addition to the household. There should however be a certain kind of rules that your pets are able to follow. As an owner you have to understand the temperament of your pet and teach them how to do it right. There is an innovative type of training for your pets that takes training to a whole new level, the E-collar training.

E-collar or also known as shock collar is used for training your pets. Although it may sound bad and horrible if done right and with the utmost understanding of what it could do then it may work for your pet too. Here are some things that you should know about the e- collar.

Point 1. Handle with Care

It is important that the one using the e- collar for training should understand the implication of such an equipment. It can be hard and difficult and may actually worsen the behavior of the pet if it is used recklessly. Shocking someone, human or animal can be a stress inducing experience. So, it is with importance that shock collars can cause pain and anxiety if not handled well.

Point 2. Technology

An e- collar is an excellent way to pad out negative stimulus to your pet if need be. If handled and done responsibly it can be a great way to dole out that particular stimulus. However, you may think it is far too cruel to use such an instrument the shock level of e- collars nowadays are actually adjustable. You can adjust the shock level that it would cause discomfort to the pet but not enough that it would shock the pet into unbearable pain.

Point 3.Effectiveness

For some certain types of dogs an e- collar is effective to use in training. It is said though that although an e- collar works quite well for some it should not only be the only form of training tool you have. It is a trial and error type of thing where you have to learn which type of tool works well for your pet. It is recommended that this type of collar should NOT be the only type of tool you have in your arsenal.

Point 4. Needs

There are three types of e- collar out there and for this you should buy the one that is best fitting to your needs. Containment and barking collars an automatic shock where it is delivered when the pet does the behavior and the obedience collar where there is a remote you can use for it. If you are not sure ask an expert for it to ensure that you are getting the right collar for you. Also as mentioned before you should set the level of shock for your pet that would cause them pain but rather as a tool to get them to pay attention.

This type of collars as mentioned should be done responsibly. It is not a toy nor is it an instrument to be cruel to your pet.

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